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What is Yoga?

I am so glad you asked about a topic I am passionate about discussing. Before I tell you the “formal” definition of yoga and what I believe to be true about yoga, I’d like to share some comments that I have heard from people new to yoga:

Somatics Even Keel Maine

What is Somatics?

Somatics is generally understood as being an approach that addresses mind-body integration. Pioneers in the area of Somatics were Moshe Feldenkrais and Thomas Hanna. The term Somatics was coined by Thomas Hanna in the 1970s.


Plankity Plank

I shared a blog about a healthy and well-balanced movement diet titled, “How’s your movement diet?” In that blog, I recommended ten movements or activities to consider incorporating into your daily movement diet to optimize your health and life enjoyment. #10 was the recommendation to do plank daily. I did …

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Movement and Yoga

How’s Your Movement Diet?

We all know that our health benefits from moving and being active. Typically movement guidelines for health and fitness address frequency, duration, intensity, and mode. Click here to see the US Government Physical Activity Guidelines. This information is quite informative and offers the opportunity to customize your activities to your needs and …

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