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Therapeutic Pilates & Personal Movement Training

Therapeutic Pilates is provided by Katey Hawes using modified classical Pilates exercises to meet your needs for injury prevention and recovery post-rehabilitation. Therapeutic Pilates exercises address postural misalignments, dysfunctional movement patterns, core strength, range of motion, and pain. Personal Movement Training sessions incorporate a variety of conditioning modalities, including Pilates, yoga, core stability exercises, etc., to support you in meeting your wellness goals.

Online Services are available and include virtual private sessions, customized videos, and an online video membership.

Explanation of Therapeutic Pilates

Pilates is a form of exercise that emphasizes alignment, breathing, the development of a strong core, and improving balance and coordination. During therapeutic Pilates sessions, I focus primarily on the original 34 classical Pilates exercises and modify them based on your goals and neuromuscular challenges that you may experience. Sessions are mainly mat based. We may use some small equipment to support your body to avoid injury or to increase challenges to your strength, balance, or coordination.

If you are unsure what Even Keel Wellness Service might be best for your current needs, you can schedule a free consultation with Katey to discuss why you are pursuing services, what challenges you may be dealing with, and your goals. Katey can discuss how her offerings might support you to determine what services are most appropriate for you, frequency and duration, and any related costs.

Explanation of Personal Movement Training

Personal movement sessions may incorporate various exercise techniques to promote alignment, strength, flexibility, and / or balance. Sessions will be customized to your goals, strengths, and weaknesses. Exercise techniques offered may include (but are not limited to):

  • Traditional strengthening, flexibility, and balance exercises
  • Yoga
  • Pilates
  • Lumbar and core stabilization exercises
  • Somatics

What to expect - Pilates Personal Training

By being a Custom Fit Member, I will have a significant understanding of your strengths and challenges, wants and needs, and I can offer you exercises based on these findings. If you have not completed the Comprehensive Wellness Assessment, the first 10-15 minutes of your first session will be used to complete it. We will discuss your past medical history, including injuries and chronic conditions, any physical limitations you may have, and your desires and needs to determine the best exercises to offer you. Each session will vary depending on your specific needs and desires, and you can expect each session to include body awareness, strengthening, and stretching.

Pilates Even Keel Movement Maine

It is with pleasure that I write about my most positive experience working with Katey Hawes following major back surgery. The focus of our work together was one-on-one personal movement training to reduce pain and rebuild strength, balance, and coordination. Katey worked with me to realign my hips, limber various muscles, and joints, and develop strength to support my body correctly. Benefits beyond the strength and balance improvements included a reduction of pain in my lower back, shoulders, and ankle joints. In my 2-plus years working with her, I have found her to be highly knowledgeable about the human body, skilled at determining what adjustments were needed to align with my body’s needs, personable and adaptable.

Testimonial from Howard K.

If you are new to Even Keel wellness services, try a discounted 60-minute wellness session with Katey!

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