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Private yoga sessions are provided by Katey Hawes, C-IAYT, E-RYT500 (Certified Yoga Therapist, Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher with advanced training). 

Private yoga sessions are an excellent way to have a class, or series of classes, personalized to your specific needs and / or desires. Some examples might include:

  • Introduction to yoga before starting group classes.
  • Deepening and refining your practice and postures through verbal and hands-on guidance.
  • Recovery from an injury or health issues exploring modifications and / or preparing to return to your regular practice.
  • Sport or activity-specific practices to complement or prepare for your training regime.
  • Enjoy the many benefits of individualized attention from a trained yoga instructor.

Schedule a Free Consultation:

Before beginning therapy, you can schedule a free consultation with Katey to discuss your condition, what services might be most appropriate, and a possible treatment plan. At that meeting, we can also review any insurance coverage you may have and the expected out-of-pocket cost.

Private Yoga Even Keel Maine

What to Expect

If you are a Custom Fit Member, at your 1st visit, we will have a great understanding of your strengths and challenges, your wants and needs, and I will offer you a practice based on our mutual findings. If you have not completed the Comprehensive Wellness Assessment, 10-15 minutes of your first session will be used to discuss your medical history, including chronic conditions and injuries, physical limitations, and your desires and needs to determine the best practice to offer you. We will customize your practices as we go based on your feedback and my observations.

Schedule your appointment now:

Schedule your appointment by calling 207-466-9154 or email to book your appointment.

Practicing yoga is self-care and a healthy lifestyle, but when illness or physical limitations make traditional yoga postures difficult, private yoga can help. In my case, neuropathy, eye problems, and surgery made many yoga poses difficult. Katey is probably the only yoga teacher who understands my situation, most likely due to her extensive knowledge and expertise as a Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist. Working with her, I have learned to modify poses to make them accessible in a way that allows me to benefit from the pose. An important benefit of private practice for me is a better understanding of the anatomy and mechanics of the poses, allowing me to recognize when I just need more practice or when a pose in the traditional form is not beneficial for my body. While working through these modifications, I have learned to manage my chronic problems and come to an acceptance and understanding. With skills learned through private practice, I can better benefit from participating in a yoga class and my home practice. Yoga is an important part of my life; without Katey’s help along the way, I would not be functioning as well as I am today.

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